About me

Birgitte Næss-Schmidt is a highly used and talented director and choreographer, and she has been responsible for the artistics of a great number of theatre and TV shows during many years. In 2017-2019 she took a Diploma Education in leadership arts and culture at The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

Birgitte is creative and visionary with a helicopter view and an ability to coordinate with detailed precision. She has a great understanding for different styles, a great knowledge of genres, and she pursues to give priority to the story, tone and music. She knows what is visually great and has a particularly well-developed sense for creating images and form.

In the importance of working with creative artists on stage in both theatre and TV, she is able to create a good and safe environment and make actors, dancers, singers and tv hosts reach their highest potential, more than the artists thought were possible themselves.  

Throughout the years of coordination and cooperation with other creative authorities, she has developed a great knowledge and ability that has entailed a great strength and position in her artistic work in both theatre and TV. Moreover, she has reached a great knowledge of editing, project management and administrative work. 

Due to her great experience, Birgitte is good at keeping track of big productions on TV and in theatre and with her artistic responsibility and impact, her tireless energy, passion and professionalism, she provides the whole package. 

Art and culture leader from 2019, Director from 2005, Choreographer from 1990, Dancer from 1988. 

Birgitte is the mother of Mollie (25), Roberta (22) and Louis (16).

Photo: Steen Evald